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Regular AC Maintenance is Important

The easiest way to keep your HVAC units running without any problems is to have the Honest Air, Inc. experts perform scheduled routine maintenance on them. It’s important to remember that if you don’t have your filters and coils checked at least once a year, your system will experience a steady decline in air flow. That means that instead of paying smaller air conditioning service costs up front, you might be strapped with a huge bill when your entire system goes kaput. By scheduling regular cooling and heating service, you’ll be able to safeguard against these expensive emergency repairs and ensure there’s no inconsistency with the quality of your AC System.  While we’re ready and able to deal with whatever AC catastrophe you might experience, we’d much rather help you maintain your system with regular checkups.

When to Schedule Your Air Conditioning Service

While there’s no bad time to have someone from our team take a look at your AC system, we always recommend doing preseason cooling and heating repair. What this means is that we’ll come in either at the end of spring or the beginning of winter and make sure all systems are running smoothly. That way, if your cooling unit is on the fritz, we’ll be able to get things operational before the sweltering days of summer really set in. Plus, by getting things tuned up before the extreme weather begins, you’ll be able to be cool and comfortable in your own home.

Scheduling Cooling and Heating Repair With Us

Scheduling air conditioning service with the Honest Air Team couldn’t be easier! Simply call our office to make a plan that works best for you. Client satisfaction has always been our #1 priority, so we’ll make sure to schedule your service at your convenience.   We will always be upfront with you about our recommendations and your investment before any repairs are started.  We will also share all of your options pertaining to repair, maintenance, and replacement.

The Honest Air Promise

As with all of our services, if you’re not 100% happy with the cooling and heating repair we do in your home, we’ll refund you for the total amount of your service fee. That means if you find that your system isn’t getting your bedroom as cool as you like, or if one of the units is making a funny noise, we’ll come the same day. We’re dedicated to installing systems that operate efficiently and effectively, so we won’t stop until we’ve thoroughly done our job. Our comprehensive air conditioning service is as much about the product as it is about making you, the client, feel heard and respected.

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