Summer Time Air Conditioner Maintenance

Last night a friend of mine asked me how he should prepare his A/C system for the summer. Excellent question. Of course, having Honest Air, Inc. come out to perform a maintenance is the best way to ensure you will not have an A/C break down during the summer months, however, there are certain things a homeowner can do on their own.

  1. Change or clean your air filter regularly (every 30 days is best)
  2. Clean your drain pipe with a shop vac. (DO NOT pour bleach into your drain pipe, bleach could loosen the glue at the joints and could cause the pipe to leak at the fittings.)
  3. Clear all debris from around the outside unit. (If the grass is high trim it, if there is bare dirt around it plant sod, if there are bushes over grown around it trim them back.) This unit needs air, it needs to be able to draw air into it and disperse air from the top.
  4. Check all the registers in the house. They should all be open and the louvers adjusted to push the air across the ceiling towards the outside walls or windows of the home. It is important to have the air circulate properly in your home.
  5. Have Honest Air, Inc. come out twice a year to perform a checkup and adjustment of the A/C system.

That’s pretty much the extent of it. You’re A/C System is just that “a system”. All of the components need to work together and work properly. If one small part is not working properly it can affect the entire system.

If we look at this from a baker’s point of view: when making bread if you leave out the yeast, will the bread rise? No of course not. You will not have bread. On the same note if we install a system and leave out the freon will the system cool? NO of course not. Therefore, it is important to have the A/C System inspected (Maintained) and adjusted so it will perform properly.

I hope this was informative. Should you have any questions please give our office a call at 772-232-1114 and one of our highly-trained team members will be glad to answer your questions.

Have a great summer and Stay Cool.

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