Why does my air conditioner drain back up so much?

Here’s a question we get all the time: “Why does my air conditioner drain back up so much?” There are many reasons for this to happen. The bottom line though is maintenance. But I’ll get into that last.

First off the most important day of an A/C systems life span is the day t’s installed. Be sure that the contractor you use to install a new A/C system is reputable and quality minded. The indoor piece of your new A/C system has to be installed perfectly level and the condensate drain needs to have special attention paid to it( simply put; water flows down hill).

Second would be the age of the system: As the system runs and ages dirt and dust particles collect on the indoor coil and as condensation if created these particles are picked up and flow into your condensate drain line. This will cause debris build up in the lines and eventually cause the line to back up.

Third would be maintenance. The best way to prevent you’re A/C systems condensate drain from backing up is to have routine maintenance performed. Honest Air, Inc. recommends twice a year. Once before the heat of the summer and once before the beginning of winter. Most people ask “why before the beginning of winter?” This question has two answers A; the debris that are built up in the
lines over the summers months should be cleared out before the system sit stagnant for the winter or B; The system is a “heat Pump” system and will continue to make condensation thru out the winter months.

So to answer the question, “Why does my air conditioner drain back up so much?” Routine use. The best way to prevent backup is -routine maintenance, twice a year.

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