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When I get asked “which brand of A/C is the best?” I usually answer ” Honest Air,Inc.”. Because it doesn’t really matter which brand of A/C equipment we install. The more important issue is how that A/C system is installed. However, I’m going to go out on a limb here and talk about one specific brand that I have learned is light years above the rest. While, of course, Honest Air, Inc is the best company you can have install your new A/C system, Lennox would be the number one system to buy. Here’s why:
When a homeowner purchases a new A/C system from Honest Air Inc we want to give them the best bang for their buck. We want to know that our clients are getting a system that will last for years and years to come. We do our best to educate our clients on what is best for their home as well as their budget. What we have found time and time again is that Lennox seems to be the best fit for our clients, hands down.

Lennox industries has proven to us and our clients, over and over again, that they understand Honest Air, Inc is not the end user. Our clients are the end user and Lennox wants to keep them happy and cooling, just as much as we do. This is an important issue. Other brands that we have dealt with over last 20 + years, only cares about selling the boxes. In other words once we purchase a system from them, we are on our own, If that system breaks down they could care less, they already got their money and that’s all they care about. This is not the case with Lennox Industries. If an issue arises with one of our Lennox systems their staff is right there with us to ensure our client will be cool and stay cool.
So, if you want the winning formula to a happily cool home, contact Honest Air, Inc and purchase a Lennox comfort system. You’ll be glad you did.

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