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I’ve been in business for myself for over 20 years. Sometimes I sit and think ” how did I manage to stay in business this long?” The answer always comes back to this: Honesty. I was raise by an incredible set of parents who taught me that integrity is everything. Doing the right thing even when no one is watching. I believe that is why I have modeled my life around the word “Honesty”.

They say that without honesty there is no relationship. I truly believe that. I know that once a person lies to me I do not look at them the same. Even though I will forgive a person, still there is that little something that will not let me completely trust them again. I will always have a security blanket when it comes to dealing with that person.

The funny part of all this is the name of my business is ” Honest Air, Inc.” Now, the cynical people in the word would say ” oh, he must be crooked if he named his company Honest.” And, my heart goes out to them because they don’t understand that the word honest is a verb. It’s an action word. Of course in the dictionary it’s an adjective, yet in true life the meaning of certain word aren’t necessarily what the dictionary states.

For instance: to be honest is to have integrity. To do the right thing even if no one is watching. Wouldn’t that be an action? To be honest is to tell the truth. Isn’t that an action? To be honest is to NOT cheat on your taxes, isn’t that an action?
I say all this because I can’t help but think about all the people out there who have had to deal with dishonesty (it hurts in my own life when it happens to me).

As for us at Honest Air, Inc. I can truly say that the Team here is comprised of some of the most upfront and “Honest” people I have ever met. We’ve built our company culture around honesty. So, if your looking for an honest business to deal with give us a call.

We have trained technicians ready to serve all your A/C needs.
For Immediate Service Please Contact Us: (772) 200-4966

Our Honest Promises

We treat your property better than our own. We use shoe covers and hall runners to keep the inside clean. All property including lawns, shrubbery, walls, doors, frames, etc will be protected. We will repair or replace any damage that occurs.

If for any reason you are not 100% satisfied with any service we provide we will refund the service fee.
We guarantee all repairs. If any repaired equipment fails during the first year we will repair it again absolutely free.

We offer 24 hour emergency service at no extra charge including nights weekends and holidays.
For Immediate Service Please Contact Us: (772) 200-4966

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